Fun at Frigo’s


If you live in Western Massachusetts, you’ve probably heard of Frigo’s, and for good reason – it’s a one-stop shop for all your Italian food needs! Frigo’s is a family-owned business with a specialty food shop in Springfield and a gourmet deli located in East Longmeadow. The Springfield store is on Williams St. in the South End, a historically Italian neighborhood with local treasures like Red Rose, La Fiorentina, and the Italian Cultural Center. Nick and I ventured to the Springfield location last week for a late lunch and some exploring. Here’s a taste of our trip:

The Deli – awesome food, good portions, great prices!
Frigo’s has an excellent selection of sandwiches and prepared foods, salads, cheeses, and meats to choose from. Nick and I split the “Classic Italian” sandwich on a 1/2 Vienna roll – their largest sandwich size.* The Classic Italian is mortadella, Genoa salami, sweet copa, deluxe ham & provolone cheese – delicious! And for only ~$7.50, it’s hard to beat $3.75 per person for a hearty sandwich portion. We also bought some mozzarella for homemade pizza-making. Though slightly more expensive than supermarket mozzarella, we were happy to purchase it locally.

The Classic Italian sandwich at Frigo's

The Classic Italian sandwich at Frigo’s

Seasonal Specialties
We visited on Good Friday, so as you can imagine, the store was full of Easter treats. We sampled shadone – an Italian Easter pie/quiche made with farmer’s cheese, Parmesan, chopped egg, and ham. Easter hams were available for order and Italian Easter bread was on sale too. I hope to visit again around Christmas for even more holiday goodness!

Nick and I tried a selection of hard and soft cheeses and red wine, including Frigo’s own Sangiovese. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar were available as well. Frigo’s downtown location usually provides samples on the weekends from 11am to 5pm. Yum!

Gift Baskets & Catering
Take your pick from a variety of gift baskets including Coffee and Tea, Appetizers, Hostess, and Old World Italian (hint, hint Mom & Dad!). You can also find imported Italian pantry items, hard-to-find specialty goods, and Frigo’s own sauces in store. And if you’re looking for fool-proof party food, check out Frigo’s catering menu.

We will definitely be making more trips to Frigo’s in the future! Let me know your favorite Frigo’s foods in the comments!

*Note: Though Frigo’s does have a couple of tables inside and on the sidewalk, it’s only an eat-in spot if yours is a small group that doesn’t mind a no-frills, bustling deli atmosphere.

scenes from Frigo's

scenes from Frigo’s


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